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Marina Coast Water District - Regional Urban Water Augmentation Project


Project Update 8/7/2018:

Major pipe installation is complete.  Some miscellaneous pipe testing and repairs will occur over the next 30-60 days across the project

Within the City of Marina, paving crews have completed an asphalt overlay of the streets.  A smaller crew has already begun following the overlay crew, raising manhole covers to the new road level.  Striping will occur mid August, as the new asphalt must set and cure for a period of time before striping can take place.

In the City of Seaside, an asphalt coating is expected to be placed in late August along General Jim Moore Blvd and up Normandy Ave.

The steel reservoir work is underway, panels are being welded together at the Blackhorse reservoir site.  The tank completion is anticipated early this fall. 

Please check back here for continued updates and investigate  the links to left for maps and additional information on the project. 



Welcome to the Regional Urban Water Augmentation Project (RUWAP) website.  The project includes installation of a new recycled water pipeline and reservoir tank. Please look through the links to the left for project information including the Smart Map that will show current and upcoming construction progress along the pipe alignment. 

Other information available includes pipe alignment maps, copies of construction alert mailers and door hangers, as well as general project descriptions and timelines within the various jurisdictions.

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